Aluminum Composite Panels:


Aluminum Composite Panels are light-weight composite material consisting of two pre-finished 0.02" thick aluminium cover sheets heat-bonded (laminated) to a core made of polyethylene plastic. They come in 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm thicknesses (the aluminum sheets remain 0.02" thick), and can be curved, and bent to form corners. With certain techniques, it may be bent to have tight outside corners bent at 90 degrees.


The 0.02" thick sheets of Aluminum are pre-finished, meaning they are pre-painted, with an extremely durable paint system called Kynar. This paint stands up to exterior weather for 20+ years without fading, chalking, or peeling. The color of the paint can be standard or custom, with virtually any color and finish you like. 

Aluminum Composite Panels are light weight, high strength, and rigidity. They provide advanced weather and ultraviolet resistance that are suitable for all environmental situations, with temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. ACMs are also good for thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, vibration damping, and even have good acidity and alkaline resistance.

Custom Clad Aluminum Composite Panels can be used in curtain walls, spandrel panels, feature areas, cladding of columns, and steel structures.


TriCore Panels works with all brands of aluminum composite metals including but not limited to:




- Alpolic


- Reynobond


- Vitrabond


- Centria

- Omega

Wood Composite Panels:

TriCore Panels works with a variety of wood panels to provide beautiful, modern finishes to your buildings. Here is a list of some manufacturers that TriCore Panels works with: 

- Trespa


- Prodema

- Parklex

- Fundermax 

- James Hardie

Insulated Metal Wall Panels:

Insulated Metal Wall Panels are increasingly becoming popular, as regulations are being created to raise the safety standards and energy efficiency of newer buildings. Title 24 California mandates that newly constructed buildings have higher R-Values(R-19) should they meet certain requirements. These higher R-Values raise the cost of an already expensive endeavor of constructing/renovating new buildings. Insulated Metal Wall Panels helps alleviate this cost by having the insulation and exterior finish facade joined into one panel, thereby saving on the cost of material and labor. TriCore Panels works with a number of Insulated Metal Wall Panel Suppliers including but not limited to:

- Kingspan Panels

- Centria


- Atas International 


Corrugated Metal Wall Panels:

TriCore Panels works with a variety of corrugated metal wall panels, bringing beautiful modern finishes to your buildings. Here is a list of some manufacturers that TriCore Panels works with: 

- Centria 


- Morin

- Metal Sales

- PAC-CLAD Petersen Aluminum


Natural Stone Panels:

 TriCore Panels Inc. Natural Stone Surfacing System™

As innovators in the natural stone industry, TriCore Panels transforms the ageless beauty of authentic natural stone into a reinforced, lightweight stone cladding system that can be used for any type of exterior or interior natural stone wall cladding application. TriCore Panels's stone panels are constructed from a thin, natural stone veneer that is bonded, using the highest quality epoxies, to a variety of CORE substrate materials. This CORE may be comprised of Honeycomb, Polymer Aluminum, Ceramic, Glass, Fire Retardant or Fiberglass backing.


The thin stone veneers can be cut from most stones, including Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx and Sandstone. TriCore Panels's unique and transformative stone cladding panels are the ideal choice over dimensional stone projects now considered to be weight, time and/or cost-prohibitive. TriCore Panels's lightweight, reinforced stone panels offer many benefits over solid dimensional stone slabs. The various substrates provide enhanced durability, unparalleled impact resistance, water impenetrability, significant weight reduction and lower project costs. The advantages and creative applications for this natural stone cladding are unlimited for architects, general contractors, glazers, renovators and elevator companies. You design it and we’ll build it.







TriCore Panels's panels are manufactured in TriCore Panels designated factories, recognized under the ICC-ES program. These panels are inspected four times a year by the SGS U.S. Testing Company. This is to ensure the fine quality of the aluminum composite panels and regulation of the designated factories.


Through the use of our various tools and cutting edge equipment, TriCore Panels can fabricate various panel systems in a variety of ways to meet any of your building designs:


- Routing 

- Riveting

- Punching

- Clamping

- Finishing

- Brake-Forming

- Screwing/Bolting

- Curving/Folding

- Drilling

- Bending

Installation & Cleaning:


TriCore Panels recommends that installation and cleaning of the various panel systems that it works with follow the manufacturer specifications. Our installers and project managers have worked with all our panel systems for several years. TriCore Panels has also designed custom, patent pending profiles upon request. These custom designs have also been approved by the panel manufacturers.